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This Week My Feet: Sailing Adventures

Sailing North East

Setting Sail in 2018

I do like a challenge and I do like learning new things this year, amongst other things I have been learning to sail.

So far my log book has clocked up around 200 nautical miles.  I have gained my RYA Competent Crew (although on occasion I do feel like very incompetent crew!)  with the Black Diamond of Durham which sails out of Hartlepool.  Cal the yacht’s Skipper is a great teacher who finds lots of different ways to get everyone involved and learning, very patient and loves sharing his love of sailing with others – in his own words has done so much sailing he is “half mermaid”.  If you fancy giving sailing a go get in touch with them via Sailing North East

The basic Sea Survival course was great fun – lots of clambering in and out of life rafts in a swimming pool and forming huddles and crocodiles – as well as very informative. The VHF course to get a marine short range certificate was all class room based – lots learned and great to get to use the sets in the class room.

vhf shore based course

In the classroom

A real treat has been to go sailing on the Gypsy Moth IV out of St Helier, Jersey. A beautiful boat and a chance of a life time – Find out more about her and where you can see her on the Trust’s Website.

Gypsy Moth IV

This week the Black Diamond has been out of the water for a week of maintenance in preparation for the upcoming Tall Ships race. I went through to give a hand with some of the scrubbing, scrapping and polishing and hopefully was more of a help than a hindrance!

Black Diamond Yacht

The Black Diamond of Durham out of the water.

This weekend it’s back to the Lake District to finish the Sailing Skills level 2 – the big advantage of doing some sailing on a lake in a smaller boat has been to get more practice at points of sail, tacking and jibing.  Sat in glorious sunshine, without wellies and oilies, in the fabulous surroundings of Lake Windermere there was a little moment of wondering why we had started learning to sail in March in the North Sea! If learning on a lake floats your boat get in touch with Ian at Ark Sailing

Sails and sunshine

Sails, Sunshine and Rainbows aboard the White Pearl on Lake Windermere.

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