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How to Survive a Dance Intensive

Dance intensive kit

Surviving and Enjoying a Dance Intensive

I’m currently enjoying and surviving Tribal Remix in Brighton Hosted by Hilde Cannot which is sadly the last of the Tribal Remixes but there are plenty of other options out there for you to enjoy!  This one is a particularly ‘intense’ intensive with 6 hours a dancing a day over up to 4 days plus shows on 2 of the evenings.  The weekend is designed to be taken as a whole and is beautifully curated by Hilde to provide variety in teacher, perspectives, skills and ideas.

Top 10 tips

1 – Bring a refillable water bottle and drink lots of water – staying hydrated helps fight muscle fatigue and keeps the brain going too!

2 – Pace yourself – if you have any injuries have a quick word with the instructor and don’t feel pressured to “keep up” – modify and stay safe. Work with your body!

3 – Remember that everyone has a different background, different strengths and weaknesses – it can be disheartening to the rest of the class ‘get it’ whilst you’re wondering why your body is not doing anything remotely similar – Top tip from Jill Parker – start with the feet, don’t worry about anything else just get the feet first.

4 – Bring healthy options to snack on – gaps between classes can be 1 hr, 30 mins or even 15 mins so have some options that you can consume but still feel alert and able to dance!

5 – Print out the time table and details of where you need to be and have a look at maps etc at home incase you can’t get a mobile signal / there is no wifi.

6 – Bring a note book – and take notes! It can be hard to find time in the class but if you are loving that combo maybe step aside for a minute to make a note as 2 hours later it can be hard to remember – never mind trying to catchup with all the ideas and inspiration at the end of the day.

7 – Take some time at the end of the day to reflect – maybe under a fixed set of headings or more free form – what was your comfort zone, what pushed you, what gave you an ah ha moment, what concepts were interesting to you, what would you do more research on etc etc.

8 – If you can film yourself doing the combos – easier if your attending with a friend! Some teachers will also allow filming at the end of a session but this is not always the case and the footage must always only be used for personal memory jogging and not be shared on social media.

9 – Bring a first aid kit, any medication you may need e.g. extra pain killers, maybe a few things for self care e.g. muscle rub, cool gel, heat packs, foam roller, nail scissors, nail file etc. If you need or may need supports e.g. for knees pack those and depending on preference to save your feet little footzes, ballet shoes or consider doing some session in socks where appropriate.

10 – Give things a go! It can feel intimidating to be in a room full of strangers but think of it a s liberating! No one is judging anyone. So the teacher has just asked you to imagine that you’re full of helium or to balance an imaginary but very expensive plate on the sole of your foot – give it a go! No one is looking at you they are all to busy floating and balancing!

There are lots of other tips and ideas out there – what are your top tips?

Which dance intensives are you looking forward to!

Please note that this blog is not intended to provide medical advice or information. Please consult a qualified medical practitioner for medical advice.

Tribal Remix

Friday sessions at Tribal Remix 2018

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