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27th May 2018
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Creativity Cards

Creativity Cards!

What are they?

In short they are a set of cards with creative prompts!

Why would I need them?

We all get into ruts, find particular ways that our bodies like to move and certain aesthetics in poses and transitions that we find pleasing – the great thing about the Creativity Cards from Nimble Arts is that they provide a breath of fresh air to both personal training and teaching!

Working with the Dance Degree students at Newcastle College the cards have really empowered the students to become creative, cast off inhibitions and to celebrate and create their own personal journeys and findings!  As well as the physical elements the discussions and sharings afterwards have created a class dynamic that has really empowered the students.

There are so many different ways to use the cards too! A couple of my favourite ways to use them are:

  • To pre select a few Creatively Cards that suit the theme of the class for example, a class working on emotional expression or a session only working with a familiar sequence.


  • For personal practice I like the challenge of the random card – this keeps me from picking aspects that appeal to my own style and strengths!


  • Some cards have been set as ‘home work’ – keeping the creativity going outside the class.


The great thing is that the Creativity Cards can be used for so many skills!  They don’t have to be aerial specific!  A few other skills that I have used them with are belly dancing, climbing, warm ups, conditioning, flexibility and release/contemporary work!

Creativity Cards are a versatile, fun way to explore and expand your horizons! A superb tool for teachers and students.

Who are Nimble Arts?

“Nimble Arts was founded by identical twin aerialists Elsie Smith & Serenity Smith Forchion to create inventive works of theatrical circus. ”  Get in touch with them to purchase your own set!

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