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3rd January 2019
Creativity Cards

Creativity Cards From Nimble Arts – Review

Creativity Cards! What are they? In short they are a set of cards with creative prompts! Why would I need them? We all get into ruts, […]
27th May 2018
Dance intensive kit

How to Survive a Dance Intensive

Surviving and Enjoying a Dance Intensive I’m currently enjoying and surviving Tribal Remix in Brighton Hosted by Hilde Cannot which is sadly the last of the Tribal […]
17th May 2018
Sailing North East

This Week My Feet: Sailing Adventures

Setting Sail in 2018 I do like a challenge and I do like learning new things this year, amongst other things I have been learning to sail. […]
21st January 2018
DUBDS Give it a Go

Guest Blog – Durham University Belly Dance Society

Join the Durham University Belly Dancing Society By Danielle Silverman – DUBDS President This Wednesday the 24th January 2018 – Durham University Belly Dancing Society is hosting […]
15th January 2018
Creative Summer Aerial

Dance City Creative Summer 2017

What does it look like? What does it feel like? Sharing the lived experience of aerial dance – a phenomenological exploration. The week’s residency at Dance […]
15th December 2017
Trolls Positivity

Trolls Inspiration

I Will Get Back Up Again In the film ‘Trolls’ there is a lot of positivity and plenty singing, dancing and hugging. As 2017 comes towards […]