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Our Vision

It is our belief that people’s fitness journeys should help them find and live better lives, achieve the things they want to achieve and make the most of everyday.

Our vision is to help people find health, fitness and wellbeing in a way that is sustainable, supported and fun.

Gillian’s Story

I am a dancer, aerialist and fitness professional with over 10 years experience in teaching, training and performing.  I have a wide range of skills and qualifications and I love to share my knowledge to the benefit of all my clients.

In 2017 I had a stay in hospital and a long recovery period afterwards (it took 4 months to be able to walk again).  This experience led me to use my fitness professional knowledge and take new qualifications as part of my journey to physical rehabilitation.

My initial goal was just being able to walk, sit and stand – the next phase was to be able to train fully again and then to be able to teach again.

All of this gave me a desire to live life as an adventure and to enjoy the journey! I have since found new hobbies in sailing, rock climbing and skiing – I love to have as many adventures as possible.

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