Tuition Testimonials

Tuition Testimonials

Summer 2016 - Kids Aerial Adventures

“You are an awesome teacher! you have taught me lots and are really fun. Thank you! Love Evening”

May 2016 - Borwick Hall - Bellydance Veil Workshop

"Gentle and graceful, using the veil was made easy with basic patterns, making the big entrance less daunting.  Lesson had structure and flow." - "Very nice manner and good teaching style." - "Learned a few new tricks, especially for picking your veil up whilst staying classy." -  "Gillian did a great job. Learnt a lot of techniques, and now feel more confident about making an entrance on stage, and using a veil." - "Really enjoyed it." - Join Farida For a Dance Break  

May 2016 - Borwick Hall - Burlesque Workshop

"Fun class, good to be a bad girl and good girl – learned some useful poses and steps." - "Best class of the weekend.  Great fun, loads to learn, very well put together class. Simple and short routine that was ideal for length of class." - "Marvellous fun, no pressure." - "Lots of sassy fun" -  Join Farida for a Dance Break

May 2016 - Borwick Hall - Flex and Stretch Workshop

"Lovely class and lovely teacher.  Well pitched and good introduction from Gillian." - "Fun class and had a really good stretch, could have done with longer." - "Great stretches, some of which I hadn’t done before.  Really good start to the day." - "Informed and informative, professionally delivered in a relaxed and inclusive way." - Join Farida on a Dance Break


“I feel that not only am I stronger and fitter but have gained so much confidence that whatever Gillian teaches, I am ready and willing to have a go at. Gillian teaches in such an enthusiastic and fun way that you cant help but be addicted”


“Gillian, I just wanted to say thanks for the dance lesson. You are an incredibly skilled teacher. I’d like to send many of the educational, music, driving, and dance teachers in the states to you, so you could educate them in how to properly teach. You explain every process so clearly, and recognize when someone is struggling. My hats off to you! Thank you again.”


“…I have loads more confidence now and made some amazing friends and Gillian is a fantastic teacher thanx so much”


“I began taking aerial classes with Gillian about a year ago.  I decided to take it up, because it was a challenge and because someone told me that it was good exercise.  I am an unlikely aerial dancer, I am in my sixties, and although I am reasonably fit, I was quite overweight.  I was useless at first, I couldn’t even get my feet off the ground, I had no upper body strength, and the moves completely defeated me.  I admit that I was ready to give up, but I do hate anything beating me. Gillian has been a tower of strength, and an inspiration.  She has been extremely patient, and never pushed me beyond my limits.  I have now passed my level 2  AAP grading, and am working towards my level 3.  Although it is never going to be a career choice, I have mastered many moves, and surprised myself many times over.  I have lost weight and my shape has completely changed, I have a waist for the first time in years!  I owe my whole journey to Gillian, and I absolutely love my lessons.  She has also given me advice about exercising, and things I can work at at home.  Thanks Gillian.”


“Brilliant classes that are guaranteed to make you giggle and smile – Gillian is a great teacher. Coming to class is a massive confidence boost and so much fun!”